Limited Editions.

Unique & special

Our idea was to make garments that were beautiful, elegant and still practical. We wanted these fashion pieces to reflect the uniqueness of the craftsmanship, the design and the passion for excellence to ever be lost in translation.

All of our pieces are limited editions - there will only ever be a small number of garments made for a particular fabric and pattern design. This ensures that you'll be wearing will be as unique as you are.

So rest assured that when you wear a ShimmerBlue garment, you're wearing something unique and very special.

Excellence & high quality

Combined with our slow fashion manufacturing model, we make sure that the quality of what we make for you is never compromised. Which is why our quality control process is so stringent. Our attention to detail on the small things right up to the big, is part of what helps make ShimmerBlue items unique.

We want to make sure that you love every garment you buy from us.

New designs, coupled with fresh new fabrics & patterns, are only available in limited quantity runs. This is how we ensure that you get to wear clothing that reflects your uniqueness, and at the same time protect our environment.

Our promise to you.

Our promise to you is that we'll only ever give you our best, because you deserve it.

What is important to us.