Our Story


Established in Cape Town in 2020, Shimmer Blue is a lifestyle brand born from a love of travel and beautiful fashion.

We wanted to combine our passion for travel (around the world and our own beautiful South Africa), with the desire to always have a wardrobe that travelled well and looked amazing.

However not every adventure requires a passport - some of the best adventures can be with your friends and family; Around a special event, an evening out, or a walk along the beachfront. Wherever your heart carries you is where you'll find the adventure you seek.

Where can I find inspired fashion?

Yet coming home to South Africa (from Europe) it wasn't easy to find beautiful, internationally inspired fashion here that travelled well. Living in a international city in South Africa (like Cape Town or Johannesburg) shouldn't mean having to revert to plain, uninspiring outfits. And so ShimmerBlue was born.

Bringing a combined love for travel and fashion, inspired by living and working in Europe, together for everyday adventures.

A life of adventure

A life of adventure starts with feeling adventure in your heart. We want you to be able to explore your world, local and international, dressed elegantly as every Adventurer should. Our label effortlessly matches your individuality with beautiful clothing that effortlessly inspires confidence from within.

Adventure & elegant design

Every garment is made to order, lovingly cut and sewn with you in mind. Our designs are created to flow with how you choose to navigate each day: Playful, elegant or relaxed, we offer comfortable clothing to match your every mood.

Proudly South African, our range is locally sourced and manufactured right here in the Mother City, Cape Town. We work diligently to utilise sustainable materials and support local suppliers so as to invest in our colourful culture and magnificent country.

Our goal is to provide beautiful, hand crafted apparel for you to enjoy - while exploring the amazing world all around you.

This is where our philosophy for ShimmerBlue originated:

"Make life your best adventure yet - dressed beautifully, wherever you go".

What is important to us.